Why WoodPro

Lumber and Building Materials Software

WoodPro Software Inc. provides integrated Business Management Software for companies in the Lumber and Building Materials Industry. Our WoodPro InSight system is designed for wholesalers, distributors, dealers, building materials distributors, importers, exporters, sawmills, remanufacturers, wood treaters and secondary manufacturers. Real-time information regarding inventory management, accounting, finance, sales, purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, and services is seamlessly unified. Many types of distributors and manufacturers choose WoodPro to fulfill their end-to-end business processes.

WoodPro InSight, is a one vendor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence solution based upon Microsoft technologies. With it, you obtain deep operational insights and performance measurements that enable you to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, improve customer service, and maximize your return on investment (ROI). It is more than a commercial off-the-shelf program, it is an enterprise-wide platform for growth and incorporates strategic customer prioritized enhancements. The application look and feel promotes ease of use and quick adoption.

For over 25 years, WoodPro Software Inc. has been applying knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of projects to deliver time-tested, innovative uses of our application. We'll share our experiences and best practices; however, if enhancements are required, we will give you the capability advantages of in-house development for the lowest cost in the lumber and building materials software industry. The system has the breadth and depth of functionalities needed to run your business efficiently. It is easy to use and highly adaptable, which promotes quick adoption and a favorable ROI.

Engineered for Your Businesses

Whatever pressures and challenges you face, WoodPro's integrated ERP System helps you manage information regarding your finances, accounting, sales, inventory, production, customers and suppliers more effectively. WoodPro InSight provides direct and remote access to critical, real-time information required, so that you can quickly respond to any changes in your business environment.

WoodPro InSight is more than just a building materials software, it also handles softwood and hardwood lumber specific requirements efficiently. Valuable insights gained at many different levels can help you quickly make crucial decisions, so that you can stay ahead in various dynamic environments. All your business operations are seamlessly coordinated within a single application. The benefits are immediately obvious, as processes flow into one another, staff collaborate more closely, and managers and executives have an instant and accurate view of the whole company. Right out of the box, we deliver a tried-and-tested, complete system that is designed to handle your complex business processes.

On your behalf, we apply the knowledge gained from hundreds of projects to deliver time-tested, innovative uses of our application. We strive to listen to you, understand your culture, learn how you work, and gain your trust and confidence the old-fashioned way - by earning it. Our system incorporates many useful and easy-to-adopt tools that provide critical time sensitive information to help you enhance your operations and position in the supply chain.


View of all your accounting information in real time, including G/L, A/R, A/P bank reconciliation, financial statements, fixed assets, payroll, and GL consolidation. Data details can be seen through drill down capabilities, inquiry functions, and detailed reports for strategic cost analysis. Currency conversions, multi-entity consolidation, and electronic fund transfers (EFT) are available for facilitating global business transactions.

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Optimize inventory management and control inventory costs and quantities for multiple locations with a real-time view of on hand, available, committed, on order, and vendor managed inventory. Benefit from multiple unit conversions including BF, LF, SF, M3, random length and random width. Inventory can be tracked be using tags, lots, lumber tally, barcodes, and universal product codes (UPCs).

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Equip sales teams with the tools for growth and profit by helping you meet customer demand efficiently. Each order from a sales quote to delivery and billing can be managed in their customized workspace. The system can be accessed using laptops, tablets, and smart phones (Windows, Android, and IOS) through a remote desktop connection.

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Automate your inventory control, shipping and receiving, customer order fulfillment process in warehouses and distribution centers with our Warehouse Management System (WMS). It is a series of applications that uses Ruggedized PCs, Ruggedized Tablets, Handheld Scanning devices and Specialty Printers. ONLINE and OFFLINE modes are available.

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Designed to streamline business processes for both hardwood and softwood lumber mills, as well as remanufacturing and secondary manufacturing operations. Manage fluctuating customer demands with better resource allocation, forecast consumption and replenishment strategies designed to eliminate production bottlenecks and the production or purchase of wrong items.

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The Point of Sale (POS) Module enables lumber and building materials distributors (LBM) and dealers to handle transactions using cash, barcode scanners and merchant debit and credit card terminals. Back-office modules integration provides a complete ERP system. Downtime minimization through redundant system keeps your business going even if the internet is down.

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Manage vendor relations, while streamlining invoicing and payments processing to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Purchases can be linked directly to accounts payable, making it easier to track purchases and pay vendors once inventory is received. Enhance accruals processing workflows and collaborations between finance, purchasing and other operational units.

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Reduce daily deliveries plans with the integrated Daily Route feature. Generate shipping documents and schedule orders to truckloads by weight for shipment to predetermined routes and zones. In-bound and out-bound orders, including sales dispatches, purchase orders, subcontracted re-man or work orders, and inter-location transfers are all supported.

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Combining business intelligence tools Like Tableau, Qlik Sense, and Power BI with our data warehouse services, raw data can be analyzed using dashboards and visual analytics to give you historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations. Being able to share business analytics, monitor progress of initiatives, and discover opportunities facilitate better strategic decisions.

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Real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are conveniently summarized in the Corporate Performance Module. They include sales, inventory, receivables, payables, cash flow and financial statements. Management can see their whole business picture, identify problems and opportunities, track orders and sales, and obtain details through drill-down features.

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Achieve the dual benefits of reducing costs and improving transaction speed through E-business tools offered by WoodPro. Information regarding order processing, order status verification, purchasing, inventory management, customers, production scheduling, etc., can be facilitated through integrated E-mail and E-fax solutions, EDI, E-banking, and E-commerce.

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Find, share, and access both scanned and computer-generated files from any screen within WoodPro. Communication to your customers and vendors using our integrated e-mail and e-fax removes the need to print or manually fax order acknowledgements, invoices, customer statements, purchase orders and more.

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CenterPoint Payroll software by Redwing is a locally installed or cloud-based system that adds profits by reducing the time and money associated with payroll processing. Designed to be easy for users to understand how to set up employees, enter time, and run reports. Time-saving features allow you to spend less time in the office.

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Clarity by Paymate is a very cost-effective, easy to use solution, with a short implementation cycle. It handles the requirements of organizations with multiple locations and works with accounting system, time clocks, banks, etc. It is flexible, with industry-leading depth of functionality. On-Premise Solution (Clarity) and Hosted Solution (Harmony) are available.

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Why Choose WoodPro Software?

For over 30 years, WoodPro Software Inc. has been specializing in the development and design of integrated financial and operational management software for companies in the lumber and building materials industry. Our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge enable us to address the unique requirements of our clients.

On your behalf, we apply the knowledge gained from hundreds of projects to deliver time-tested, innovative uses of our application. We strive to listen to you, understand your culture, learn how you work, and gain your trust and confidence the old fashioned way – by earning it. We’ll share our experience and best practices. However, if customization is required, we give you the capability advantages of in-house development for the lowest cost in the lumber and building materials software industry. Below are some more reasons for choosing WoodPro:

Why Choose an Integrated Solution Like WoodPro InSight?

WoodPro Software Inc. offers WoodPro InSight, a truly integrated (one vendor) enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for companies in the Lumber and Building Materials Industry. With an integrated solution you can get a detailed, consistent and more accurate picture of what is going on in terms of your business operations, customers and vendors. It provides accurate and real time views of costs, transactions, and value added activities. Risks, opportunities, customer buying patterns, and supplier effectiveness, etc. can be identified quickly.

While rolled up information from non-integrated solutions and spreadsheets may show inventory movements, expenditures, revenues and other commitments, it is important to be able to drill down into the figures. This will give you the full context of the information, as it is readily accessible throughout the organization in real time.

Modules in the WoodPro InSight ERP System Are Tightly Integrated

Below are some benefits of an integrated system and some concerns regarding integration of multiple applications:

Benefits of a Truly Integrated System
  • Decreases the number of steps in business processes, as common data needs to be captured only once and less time is spent on capturing and validating new data
  • Reduces number of errors as main database is updated directly, and it does not have to be transferred via points of integration
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Improves inter-branch, location & departmental communication
  • Reduces IT, administrative and service delivery costs
  • Improves working procedures and data accessibility
  • Makes it easier to redefine job specifications as there is consistent user interface for learning new processes
  • Lowers costs because maintenance of two separate systems is not needed
Concerns With the Integration of Multiple Applications
  • Ongoing upkeep of the points of integration and data fields as the products change over time
  • New releases and updates that show up intermittently may negatively affect the ability to plan strategically
  • Cumulative costs of user training and retraining on multiple interfaces
  • Incompatibilities in workflow and internal communications techniques across multiple products
  • No 360 degree real-time view of data
  • Inconsistent data
  • Bug fixes, unplanned upgrades, unsuspected incompatibilities can lead to production delays
  • Potential delayed or protracted time to Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Unpredictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time