Warehouse Management System, Barcoding Technology, & TallyExpress

Improve Operational Efficiency:Warehouse Management system integrates with WoodPro Software’s ERP system, WoodPro InSight, to give you a complete picture of how your inventory flows. It provides the visibility for improving operational efficiency by enabling you to manage and automate your inventory control, shipping and receiving, customer order fulfillment process in warehouses and distribution centers, and production facilities.

The system is supported through industry standard hardware (Ruggedized PCS, Ruggedized Tablets, Handheld Scanning devices and Specialty Printers)

Timely and Accurate Inventory Information: The system provides accurate inventory information in real-time. Tracks items and tags and their related costs from vendor receipt, air dry, kiln dry, and other production processes through to their final destinations.

Facilitate Timely Deliveries: Access to inventory in a single or multiple locations, information about order status, potential mis-shipments, and knowledge of the location of the items within the warehouse contribute to timely delivery of items to customers.

Increase Cash Flow: When items are delivered quickly, invoices can be sent out right away, thereby reducing late invoices and speeding up the receipt of customer payments and cash flow.

Save Time & Minimize Errors: WoodPro InSight uses information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in conjunction with automated data collection and barcoding devices. Accurate information is captured and transmitted quickly to save time, minimize errors, and promote collaboration for shop floor, receiving, manufacturing, and warehousing operations. Users can tag, label and capture inventory and production movements with ease. Suppliers of compatible hardware include Symbol, Intermec, Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and more.

WoodPro’s Warehouse Management System is designed to run in two modes.

ONLINE Mode: Direct connection to the back-end of WoodPro Insight ERP application and database on a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network or Cloud Platform via hard-wired or wireless connectivity

OFFLINE Mode: Application is run independent of Network or Database connectivity allowing users to process transactions locally on their device using a Microsoft SQL Express (free of charge) database, which then synchronizes automatically or by user request when the devices is reconnected to the network, servers, and database.

Menu of Applications: A single (like Sales Order Checkouts) or multiple applications, as seen above, are available. The applications allow the device-user to scan or create tags, lots, codes of their choosing using the SCAN option or CHECK-OUT option, which confirms the lots and tags chosen for them by the user. Other options are used depending upon the type of Material being received, dispatched, or issued.

Example #1: Purchase Order Receipt of a Panel Product
Example #2: Planer Production Receipt in Softwood Lumber Mill
Quickly Processes End Tally with Tally Express

Artificial intelligence technology, TallyExpress, eliminates that extra day of tallying because you can process bundles faster. The app uses artificial intelligence to measure widths, handles multiple lengths and creates a report with a picture. The report can be uploaded into our ERP system, WoodPro InSight, and the inventory can be updated in real-time. The app is used on Samsung Note 20 series.

Data Collection & Barcoding

WoodPro InSight uses information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in conjunction with automated data collection and barcoding devices. Accurate information is captured and transmitted quickly to promote real-time collaboration among operations that involve shop floor, receiving, manufacturing, and warehousing. Lumber and building software functionalities allow data to be updated electronically from tally machines or handheld devices to help staff in warehouses and distribution save time and minimize errors. Users can tag, label and capture inventory and production movements with ease. Suppliers of compatible hardware include Symbol, Intermec, Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and more.

Mobile Clients

WoodPro Software technologies feature a WinCE / Pocket PC / CE.Net Graphical Mobile Client that supports RF (radio frequency) networked data collection.

Windows Desktop Client

It also features a Windows Desktop Client, which can be used to run our data collection applications on Windows PCs or Workstations throughout your network. A Touch Screen Desktop Client is also supported.

Ruggedized Tablets

Fully ruggedized tablets offer warehouse and distribution center operators the advantages of flexibility, wireless communications capability, touch screen controls, drop-down menus, bigger screen size, mobility, and processing power. They give mobility to workers in shipping and receiving, as well as managers who perform inventory audits or check inventory. Such devices can usually perform in various conditions: high and low temperature conditions, withstand free-fall drop, rain, and humidity.

Point of Sale Software for Retailers, Lumber Yards, LBM and Pro Dealers

WoodPro InSight, enables hardware, lumber, and building materials retailers and pro dealers efficiently perform daily front office operations with the POS Module. This module is fully integrated with our ERP back-office system which includes Accounting, Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing, Reman, Purchasing, Production and Corporate Performance Management. It handles point of sale transactions, counter sales, cash sales and on account sales that may involve special orders, made-to-order, call-off orders.

Real-Time Point of Sale Transactions: Facilitate real-time transactions with barcode scanners and merchant debit and credit card terminals. Payments made by cash, on account, or by credit cards are accepted. The touch screen, keyboard, and mouse interface are available for simplified use.

Customer Service Capabilities: Take orders, inquire about item availability, prices, discounts, purchase history and status of an order to provide exceptional service and support to customers to build customer relationships.

Retain Customer Loyalty with Membership: Strengthen relationship and retain customer loyalty by rewarding them Customers with Air Miles on their purchases.

Schedule Transportation: Inventory transfers, sales, and purchase orders are linked to the Daily Route Planning function, allowing you to schedule shipments, trucks, and charge delivery costs for external freight companies to each transaction in one place. The system also interfaces with UPS Worldwide and other courier companies.

Improve Inventory Visibility and Control: Control inventory costs and quantities for all locations in real time. Inventory can be tracked using tags, lots, tallies, barcodes and universal product codes (UPCs).

Handles a variety of wood, lumber and building products including dimensional lumber, hardwood, hardware, plywood, panel products, decking, roofing, windows, doors, fencing, specialty wood products, etc. Custom, special order and non-stock items can be stored and looked up.

Minimize Downtime: Minimize downtime is minimized when WoodPro’s standalone application continues to process transactions when the connection is lost due to hardware, database, and network/LAN/Wan connectivity problems. The application automatically synchronizes with the back-end database when the connection is regained.

Order Online at Your Convenience with Customer Portal: Online e-commerce can be done with our customer portal option for business-to-business transactions. Members can login to view inventory in real-time, place on account orders, receive Air Miles, look up purchase history, check the status of the delivery. WoodPro can also work with your provider.

Make Better Strategic Decisions: Critical information concerning the company's business is conveniently summarized in real-time in the Executive Summary Module: sales, inventory, receivables, payables, cash flow, financial statements, and key performance indicators (KPI). InSight also works with flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense, and Power BI with our data warehouse services. Raw data can be analyzed using dashboards and visual analytics to give you historical, current, and predictive views for making better strategic decisions.


Tim-BR-Marts Ltd.

Calgary, AB

Home Lumber Co.

Whitewater, WI

Summit Tools

Burnaby, BC

Standardize Bidding and Job Control Processes and Build Consistency

The Bidding and Job Control Module is also available to assist with sales to contractors. This application is fully integrated into WoodPro's Financial and Lumber Management suite. With this module, you can eliminate redundant work, implement standardized processes allows that for scalability, and build consistency into projects of any size. Measurable efficiency gains can be done throughout every phase of the project. Some of the other benefits are listed below.

Check out the Bidding and Job Control brochure for more information.

Centralize Bid Processing: A place where all estimating, bidding, and job control activities originate. You can easily build a work plan and cost estimate for a job at any level of detail. This includes unlimited cost break down sections, detailed take-offs by sections, recaps by item, user defined item groupings, bid summaries, and much more.

Quick Access to Job Processing Information: Job Tracking, Change Control, Credit Management, Lien Management, Contact Management, Procurement, Shipping and Invoicing, and Transportation can be immediately accessed.

Manage Proposals More Effectively: Proposals can be priced using various methods in determining costs, profit, and margins. Bid summaries, section summaries, recaps and line by lines can be generated. Proposals, Order Acceptances and Confirmations can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from Bid Processing. These features help save time and allow you to manage proposals more effectively.

Evaluate Opportunities to Maximize Profit: Up-to-date information relating to different bidding jobs and projects can be accessed, managed, and evaluated for opportunities that maximize your profit.

Track Costs and Improve Customer Service: Costs and deliveries can be tracked to virtually any level, so that you can provide better prices and exceptional customer service.

Generate Forms with Ease: Transportation and delivery documents, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, and Lien Releases for partial or final payments for work performed are generated with ease.

Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Conversations with Contractors, Lending Institutions, Property Owners and others can be tracked using the integrated Contact Management and Customer Service Management to enhance B2B communication.


Idaho Pacific Lumber Company

Boise, ID

Matheus Lumber Company

Woodinville, WA

Ochoco West LLC

Boise, ID

Vaughan & Sons, Inc.

San Antonio, TX

E-Commerce & Customer Portals

With WoodPro’s E-commerce Software Solutions, the traditional processes of doing business that involves lots of paperwork and can be expensive can be replaced without the need to invest in expensive or complex technologies. Lumber and building materials businesses can achieve the dual benefits of reducing costs and improving transaction speed. E-Business enables you to send and receive orders or invoices without having to send them by paper or manually re-enter such data into the system. It is used in purchasing, order processing, order status verification, inventory management, customer database centralization, other information dissemination, production scheduling, and much more. Below are some available options:

E-Commerce: Works with any Lumber and Building Materials company's existing web provider to integrate into WoodPro Insight.

Customer Portals: Conduct online e-commerce with our customer portal option for business-to-business transactions. Members can login to view inventory in real-time, place on account orders, receive Air Miles, look up purchase history, check the status of the delivery. WoodPro can also work with your provider.

E-Mail Solutions: Communicate to your customers and suppliers using our integrated e-mail and e-fax solutions. It removes the need to print or manually fax order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, purchase orders, etc.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Transmit form documents that correspond to various business transactions (E.g. sales orders, purchase orders, etc.) to other parties involved using EDI, XML and service-oriented architecture technologies.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Manage your cash position proactively through integrated payables and the many payment options including electronic funds transfer (EFT), and Automated Clearing House (ACH).

E-Banking: Connect your WoodPro InSight accounts directly to your bank's Internet banking, which enables you to download statements, removing the need to manually re-enter information into disparate systems.

E-Document Management

WoodPro InSight utilizes a fully integrated Electronic Document Management System that features Archive Power Systems Inc.’s powerful DocuXplorer and ScanStore’s Simple Index. It offers affordable document management software systems that give lumber and building products businesses of any size the ability to quickly find, share, and access both scanned in paper and computer-generated files from any screen within the WoodPro application. Communication to your customers and suppliers using our integrated e-mail/e-fax removes the need to print or manually fax order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, purchase orders, and more.

Experience Total Security: Comply with HIPAA, SEC, and NASD requirements concerning document privacy, security, and auditing. It tracks every action performed on a document through Document Event Logs, uses User Login to restrict access to authorized users only, and has other security features to prevent unauthorized access or modification of confidential information.

Easy-to-Use: Manage your files through familiar Windows Explorer style interface. Files can be simply added by dragging and dropping. Formatted reports can also be created by exporting folder contents and query lists to Excel or HTM, while reports of folders list views or query list views can be printed directly from DocuXplorer.

Scan Paper Documents: Scan paper documents directly to a DocuXplorer folder, as a PDF or standard multi-page TIFF files, convert any existing documents to PDF, or merge multiple documents of any type into a single PDF.

Import Electronic Documents: Import any computer-generated file from anywhere on your network to store along with scanned in paper documents.

Access and Share: Access and share documents using multi-user DocuXplorer Enterprise. Full-text search of indexes, electronic document content, and OCR text can be performed, while documents can be directly e-mailed, faxed, or printed from DocuXplorer folders.

More Than Just a Document Manager: DocuXplorer contains a lot more features lets you do more with your files. They let you do the following:

  • Store various types of documents
  • Annotate Image files
  • Use extended database functionality
  • Generate different reports
  • Use it in similar speed and safety of a true client/server database
  • Track document versions

Payroll Software (USA)

WoodPro offers an integrated payroll software solution for the US Lumber and Building Materials Marketplace called CenterPoint® Payroll by Red Wing Software, Inc.

Designed to be Second Nature Payroll Software: CenterPoint Payroll is designed to be easy for users to understand how to set up employees, enter time, and run reports. Time-saving features allow you to spend less time in the office.

Easy Setup: Standard tools and wizards are available to help you set up your payroll software correctly and easily right from the start.

Automated Generation of State and Federal Tax Forms: State and federal tax forms can be automatically generated, for the system will fill out all the necessary information for you. You can then choose to print it or eFile the forms directly from your system.

Powerful Payroll Options: Powerful payroll options that is included in the system for you to choose from are direct deposit, time entry, and time clock support. All updates to state and federal forms and tables are provided, along with flexible e-Filing options. The flexibility your company needs is available, since you can set up an unlimited number of companies, employers, users, and user defined fields within a database. Also, an unlimited amount history can be saved.

ACH Direct Deposit: The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Deposit option allows payments to employees be electronically transferred directly into their bank accounts and provide them with pay information on white stock paper. While some banks use the ACH Direct Deposit option as designed, other banks transfer the funds into the employee's account directly. The program can handle a combination of electronic transfers, manual transfers, or actual check printing to fit all of your employees' needs.

Beyond the Basic Payroll: A wide range of additional tools is available to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate information access.

Tracking Capability Keeps your projects on budget
Reminders Ensures timely payments and avoid costly penalties fees
Multiple Screen Viewing Processes using multiple screens for extra convenience
Bilingual Check Stubs Generates pay stubs in an unlimited number of languages
Customizable User Interface Sets up "Quick List" to display those menu selections frequently used
Employee Documents Storage Stores variety of employee specific information such as photos, resume, W4, etc.

Payroll Software (Canada & USA)

WoodPro offers an integrated payroll software and human resource solution for the Canada & USA Lumber and Building Materials Marketplace called Clarity by Paymate Software Corporation. Clarity is a very cost-effective, easy to use on-premise solution, with a short implementation cycle. It handles the requirements of organizations with multiple locations and works with accounting system, time clocks, banks, etc. It is flexible, with industry-leading depth of functionality. For a hosted solution, Harmony is available.

Fully Integrated Modules: A single database solution allowing you to keep all your payroll and HR information in one place. Being fully integrated, you only need to enter the data once in order for it to be reflected in all modules.

Cost Effective: Very cost-effective, easy to use solution, with a short implementation cycle. With emailing and Internet capabilities, Clarity easily handles the requirements of organizations with multiple locations.

Full Suite of Professional Services: Full range of services includes remote and on-site support, software updates, customization, training, data conversion/migration and project management. We are with you every step of the way from the initial kick-off meeting to parallel runs and right through to go live.

Quick and Efficient Migration: Easy-to-use conversion tools to make migrating from an existing system easy, for both time and attendance and general ledger. They can help you migrate from outsourced payroll service providers or from in-house software.

Robust Reporting and Integration Tools: Versatile system that can be customized to your needs. Rich, intuitive features include import utilities, mass update and a built-in Report Writer. It improves your productivity by allowing data transfers with minimal intervention. Not only does the data transfer take place within Clarity modules, but also with your accounting system, time clocks, banks, etc.

Secure Microsoft Technologies: Uses MS Windows® client server technology and an MS SQL® database for improved security, performance and reliability. Clarity is scalable, modular, and has multi-user capabilities to grow with your business. Use of a common database eliminates redundant data entry, reduces duplication errors and simplifies the task of keeping your data current.

Business Intelligence Provides Powerful and Up-To-Date Business Reports and Data Visualizations

In addition to WoodPro InSight’s Executive Summary module, the system works with flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense, and Power BI to deliver powerful and up-to-date business reports and data visualizations. Below is an example that contains Interactive Reports generated by Microsoft Power BI. Users can interactively analyze data by date, customer, item, salesperson, product line, item, location, etc. The graphs and figures change as each variable is selected.

The underlying foundation of business intelligence is the design and structure of a data warehouse; the purpose of which is to organize large volumes of data drawn from an operational database for ease of analysis and retrieval. To build a data warehouse requires extensive technical knowledge of the data structure and location. Woodpro can simplify this process for you by providing the services to help build and manage the data warehouse.

Combining business intelligence tools with our data warehouse services, raw data can be analyzed using dashboards and visual analytics to give you historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations. Being able to share findings, monitor progress of initiatives, and discover opportunities will help you make better strategic decisions.