WoodPro's Lumber Inventory and Building Materials Management software includes a transportation management module. This module is a fully integrated solution for managing and tracking deliveries to ensure that your customers get what they want, when they want it. It offers the following benefits.

  • Support in-bound and out-bound orders, including sales dispatches, purchase orders, subcontracted re-man or work orders, and inter-location transfer orders.
  • Pool shipments and build consolidated loads for your own truck routes or third- party transportation, including allocating shipment costs and drop charges.
  • Provide intermodal freight transportation options for truck, rail, ocean, and air.
  • Identify and generate the required documentations and transmit them electronically where appropriate.
  • Generate workflow statuses and triggers alerts so that your staff can take appropriate actions.
  • Display comprehensive history for future references and problem resolution.
  • Centralize information concerning the shipment statuses of an item such as incoming goods, direct shipments, inventory transfers or outgoing orders can be found in this transportation center.
  • Let users view many orders at once and their shipping details through the Transportation Maintenance. Shipping remarks, additional address, mode of transport, delivery date, arranged by, status, origin city and state, destination city and state, order number, pickup location, sold to, delivery location, truck charge, and order details can be found here.
  • Generate Transportation Notifications, Customer Ready Lists, Rail Diversion Notifications, and Reload In/Outbound Notifications that can be printed, faxed, and emailed.

Additional Features:

Rail Car Tracing Maintenance Freight Charge Inquiry
Freight Route Maintenance Daily Rail Tracing Inquiry
Tariff Maintenance Freight Charge Report
Rate Maintenance Daily Rail Tracing Report
Freight Charge Maintenance Freight Booking Summary

Daily Route Maintenance

WoodPro helps you efficiently use your resources (drivers and vehicles) by enabling you to set up the details of these resources and standard routes (areas and days/dates). It takes the time-consuming, yet important, task of generating the loads (routes/delivery dates) to which orders can be allocated to. Users can easily produce shipping documentations, calculate and spread freight and other costs across multiple orders, including drop charges and fuel surcharges.

Daily Route Maintenance

The Daily Route Maintenance assists the shipper with truckload assembling that are based on the weight of the orders and the maximum truck capacity.  Orders are organized for delivery according to their Delivery Zone. If the weight exceeds the truck maximum, it is displayed in red. The history contains a complete detail of the deliveries made, along with a direct link to the appropriate Bill of Lading.